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Jamaican Rhapsody

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Julie thinks it is her fate that she meets her holiday flirt again after some years and falls in love with him straight away. Mighty Dread, a Rastaman, takes the chance to escape the poverty of Jamaica and follows Julie to foreign, where he believes the streets are paved with gold. After initial enthusiasm he must realise that money in foreign doesnt come easy, at least not legally. He steals her money and goes back to Jamaica where he plays the rich guy coming home as the Don. He fails to reckon with Julies adamant will to get even with him. She pursues him to Jamaica to find justice and revenge. He goes on the run but wherever he goes Julie follows. At last he returns to Jamaica to stand his ground in his own beloved island and to fight back, but Julie has found an ally and soon she must decide if vengeance is worth a mans life.

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