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The Revelation of the Word of God in Its Fullness: God’S Hidden Mysteries Series Book 1

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The bible is the compilation of the works of 40 different people from a period of more than 1,600 years handpicked by the Spirit of God to speak a message to the world. The works of these individuals though unique in their own styles speak an overall message which most Christians seem to miss. The bible is the incorruptible seed of the Almighty God given to not only counsel, guide and correct man but also for the ultimate purpose of manifesting the image and likeness of God in these last days. The Revelation of the Word of God in its fullness seeks to help us understand this. The end of our faith or the fullness of the word of God will produce the image and likeness of God on this earth in these last days. Yes! Our perfection right here on this earth before the end.

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