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One Calvin: A Zero Calvin Novel

228 pages3 hours


Calvin Jones is back again in this long-overdue sequel to Zero Calvin. Once again he has been revived by the gang at Bobcorp3, and once again he must continue to adapt to his strange new life in the future.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever so straightforward in Calvins life and he soon finds himself involved in a complicated love square with Tarpa and two newly-revived cryogenic patients. To add to the complications, these two patients are part of a new program by Bobcorp3 to use a section of the brain to directly interface with the Ariel system.

But all new technologies have a few glitches.

Now Calvin gets his chance to earn back some karma by saving the Ariel system from the side effects of this glitchy new program - if only his girlfriend were not one of those glitches.

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