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Seasons of Consciousness

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With poems that span several years, this collection reflects the struggles and accomplishments of poet Martina Mullins. With English as her second language, many of the poems were first imagined in her native tongue of German and later translated on the page into the tactile images and emotions of her new countryAmerica.

She writes of the human struggle to find and keep love, despite the dangers of heartbreak and emotional playing with fire. Even in the midst of broken relationships, her words confirm: she will not be beaten down. She will not give up. Mullins has not and will not allow past pains to slow her down, and enemies of her heart will fail.

For this poet, life is a journey with ups and downs, but nothing and no one on Earth is capable of ruining her joy. She explores the seasons of life and also the seasons of nature. She has learned to channel her pain into the written word but also her victories. Life is to be lived, in all its variations and colors, and this collection proves there is no stopping the human quest for love.

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