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The Road Back Again

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Many of my poems centre on the theme of having a positive or moral
outcome. We are all the same in that we all feel emotions regardless of
who we are. I have always been of the opinion to use rhyme as a simple
means to express, as concisely as I can, the reasons why we feel the
way that we do and perhaps the reasons why we do the things that we
do. For whatever takes place in life, we are all susceptible to the same
emotionsregardless of our varying experiences. In turn, it is because
of what we feel and experience that make us who we are, or rather, who
we have the potential to becomefor better or worse. It is my intention
that my poems serve as a reminder, or conversely, serve as an additional
insight into the fact that we can all rise above our circumstances. Oft
times we fall short and in doing so fail to see our worth or the worth in
otherseither because we fail to remember or fail to do, i.e, to remember to
do what is necessary to help ourselves and to be there for others! I have
sought to make these poems as insightful as I could, enough to see that
we all deserve to be redeemed in one way or another!

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