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Man’S Rejection of God: Who’S Responsible?

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Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying, I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. What an indictment of the Christian community. Is it true? Are we, as Christians, the reason people keep from embracing Christianity? Have we caused people to walk away from the one belief system that can provide redemption for their sins?

In Mans Rejection of God: Whos Responsible? I devote whole chapters to atheists, agnostics, apostates, hedonists, those devoted to the cult of personality and more. I look at the three main world religions besides Judaism and Christianity. I give the reader a brief look into their belief system and how it compares to that of Christians. I touch on those who say they believe in God yet show no visible evidence of it. I investigate our being able to relate to others outside the faith. I lay out what it means to be vulnerable. I take a look at minimalism and individualism and how they can apply to the Christian. I look at the impact words have on our lives and also dig into the importance of forgiveness. I paint a simple picture of Jesus and underscore that picture with quotes from the great C.S. Lewis. I call for a time of re-assessment as we strive to be more genuine and consistent in our faith.

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