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Observing What Is Not Happening: Second Autobiography

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Observing What Is Not Happening is a continuation of the author's first memoir, Where Your Knowledge Ends Is Where Mine Begins. Six chapters of this second memoir are ageless; they stem from the Word of God. They are predicated on the Word of God.
Observing what isn't happening is a remark first made by Rush Limbaugh. And it was elected to be the title of my second memoir because through the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from the Holy Spirit, I know all the ways of Man. The ways of Man are an open book to me. Man's behavior, actions, and attitudes are so obviously pronounced to me. Observing what is not happening is predicting what Man will do regardless of how long he tarries; Man will eventually do what I predict.
I'm writing this book at age thirty three, the same age Jesus Christ was before He departed the world.
The main characters in this memoir are God Almighty, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Archangel Lucifer, Apostle Excel, Rush Limbaugh and Iifi are other prominent characters.
Everything I say in this memoir stems from the Word of God.

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