If God Won Our Elections

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If God Won Our Elections

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Is America a nation under God or a nation getting over God? In the United States, the Christian cause is in full retreat: Courts enshrine the counterfeit right of same-sex marriage Prayer, long since made illegal in public school, is increasingly pushed from other public places and occasions Policies of the social welfare state owe more to the principles of Robin Hood than of Jesus Crosses, erected in memorials to fallen soldiers, are threatened with demolition Immigrants are treated as pawns of politicians instead of the strangers Jesus spoke of

Everyone worries about being on the wrong side of history, but few seem concerned about being on the wrong side of God. In the midst of it all, voting booths are declared a God-free zone.

But, what If God Won Our Elections? What if voters applied the teachings of the Bible to their daily lives and the choices they made as citizens? If we return to the Bible and trust it to guide our decisions, instead of getting over God, America can again be the nation the Declaration of Independence and the blood of fallen heroes has made us: One nation under God.

If God Won Our Elections is the resource that answers these questions for the Christian voter by opening up the greatest voter guide ever written: The Holy Bible.

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