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Aiducation 20-10 Taking Control of Tb & Aids

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TB and AIDS are visiting and touching many homes in both the developed and developing countries leaving misery, suffering, orphans and in many cases death, that could have been prevented and avoided. This book is for the AIDucators that have participated in driving AIDucation 20-10 in the communities of London. It is for those friends that I had social intercourses with on those Friday and Saturday evenings. It is for the health promoters, the politicians, the pastors, the ministers, the imams, the teachers, the students, the youth, the volunteers, the carers and all those who want to make a difference and bring TB and AIDS under control. The book addresses basic issues that we need to know: Facts on HIV infections, AIDS and TB; the HIV test, voluntary counselling and testing (VCT); common sexually transmitted infections; common HIV associated conditions and the popular Isle of Wight powerpoint presentation that was given to the Christian youths at their summer camp in August 2009. This book might be useful to medical students and nursing students.

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