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One in a Hundred

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One In A Hundred covers the four-year Army hitch of a not-so-fictional character from the Midwest during the Vietnam war. Our hero ends up a long way from rice paddies, however 7,800 feet up on a plateau in Asmara, Ethiopia. The Army Security Agency was sort of a M*A*S*H for enlisted men, and the book records what seems like more than one persons share of unusual experiences.

Keith Ellis calls One In A Hundred, A charming, funny, touching, honest story about life in the US Army during the surreal sixties, for those who were there and for those who are glad they werent. If you were there, you will find yourself chuckling at memories from your own experiences of Basic Training, new acquaintances, and bizarre duty stations. If you werent, youll be amused by the unlikely mix of people, places, and circumstances encountered during one mans four-year tour.

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