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The Pencil of Castilian Silhouette: A Short Story of Neuroscience

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Children Author Teresa Rodriguez is an international intelligent agent, and self-manuscript children author. She earned her artist, writer and song writer achievements in the subjects of mathematics and literatures for the U.S. Department of Arts and Science from the State of California in 2008. She currently attends a State of California online university and seeks to complete a professional degree in the studies of Arts and Science to help parents and students understand university instruction with new online learning styles worldwide. Teresa has won professional awards in the field of technology, business, intelligence, mathematics, literature, medicine, pediatrics, arts and sciences. She is an international rhetorical writer and sound recording artist. She instructs and recites her own poems and anthologies worldwide for parents and students in California. Her exceptional intellect and professional studies allows her to instruct children of many ages, and multi-cultural backgrounds through professional business licensing in intelligence from the State of California.
Teresas, ideas and originality in Arts and Science sets the platforms worldwide for Art and Science developing new international creators, intelligent innovations, and invent settings. She platforms the self- manuscript expertise of authors to traditional publishing learning new skills for publishers at The Author House and, or Author Solutions in the United States of America.

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