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Journey: Twelve Short Stories and a Novella

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An anthology of twelve short stories and a novella, preceded by the whimsical forword Just a Thought. Down home humorous, with a touch of adventure. Each story is a triumph of humanity over adversity from simple self discovery to saving the entire human race. Each story unfolds at its own pace, with its own characters, all determined to make their way the best they know how from start to finish.

The anthology includes:

Wandrin' Hearts Sean Bradford trades the security of the farm for the promise of Hollywood. But will the road get him before he gets there?

Cash Disbursement When the town banker's body is discovered it's up to sheriff Cody Branson to find out what's really going on in this small Kansas town.

Horseplay A hermit, herds of wild horses, and some bad ass dudes in camouflage. Something's gotta give.

The Rusty Hog Ian wants to write, his dad wants to control. At the Rusty Hog they listen to your stories.

Cypress Dreams To folks around this swamp she's a witch. To Cypress she's Mama Ameerah. The bad guys just want to find out where she hid the treasure.

The End of the Rainbow That's where you find the pot of gold. Getting there is the trick first it takes a virgin.

A Bite out of Time Ameerah awaits word of her Cap'n. Roger Morganroth attempts a corporate takeover, but when his life is intertwined with the pirate captain is it all Ameerah's doing?

Final Spell Timothy has a trunk full of spells to help find Fumar the dragon. Fumar has some spells too will it come down to one final spell?

Journey Eld Har has come to the end of his life now the journey begins.

Jack One Eye Jack and Teddy drifted apart as adults, they were never real close as brothers but Jack was always there when it counted. Now Jack needs Teddy can Teddy be there for Jack?

Caine's Way They were made for each other. Then money got in the way now what?

Wings of the Condor George Stocker left his troubles behind in L.A. and headed for Albuquerque and a new life. Then he met Christene, this is some way to start a new life.

Earth Base Alpha A novella. On a frozen and lifeless Earth, an expedition from the stars searches for their origins. What the expedition discovers will throw their civilization into chaos and topple the balance of power between their two planets.

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