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Rains of Gems

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The book starts with THE GURU describing the greatness of the spiritual master and ends with BACK TO IMMORTALITY. The poem THAT INN ON THE HILL SIDE ROAD narrates a fictional story of greed, lust and murders and also talks of spirituality in its background. The poet explains THE FATE, WISE, SAINTS AND DEVOTEES in his rhythmical style. TEARS OF GANGES highlights the spiritual values of the river which one should remember before disposing untreated wastes into it.
The poem YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HER indicates the symptoms when someone falls in love. LOVE-BLUFF exposes the pathetic condition when the so-called love is only meant for ego satisfaction.
The poet has dedicated his poem MY MOTHER to his parents and STREET DOGS to the love and affection of his pets. ON YOUR BIRTHDAY reminds the rich birthday boy regarding his social obligation to take a modest gift to the poor.
In the poem TO WILLIAM WORDSWORTH ON THE REAPERS SONG the poet has imagined the thoughts that could be in the mind of the girl in the famous poem The solitary reaper of William Wordsworth

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