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Beyond Play: A Down-To-Earth Approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance

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There is a lot of information available on governance, risk and compliance as separate subjects but little on the interrelation between the three components known in the industry as enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance (eGRC).

This book brings eGRC to the reader in a way that starts with simple concepts and builds on them to provide insight and a practical guide for a holistic approach to eGRC.

Companies have to manage risk in order to remain a sustainable force in the marketplace. Efforts to reduce risk can, unintentionally, be uncoordinated, disjointed or even neglected. Through not implementing a more cohesive and systematic approach to managing risk, opportunities to benefit the company can also be missed. Beyond Play offers a practical and simple approach.

Compliance is a very specific form of risk: that of complying with the law, but the role of the compliance officer includes a lot more. Working with the law and regulators and applying a compliance methodology are explained to provide value to learners, compliance officers, managers, prescribed officers and directors.

Many companies play at corporate governance, probably because it is perceived as being too big to grasp. This book will change your thinking and will help directors pave the way for implementing a framework that can be worked with on a practical level within an enterprise wide risk management context.

The systemic nature of risk means it can spread to customers, shareholders, communities and economies as the credit bubble of 2008 has proved. Equally, a company that applies a robust an intelligent approach to eGRC has a positive influence on the marketplace, the community and a nation. Do you believe that your business, whether for profit or not for profit and on the basis on which it currently operates, is sustainable in an increasingly dynamic world?

This book uses examples from the financial services industry; it also makes reference to South African legislation and governance codes. These references do, however, focus on international best practices so the methodologies can be universally applied.

Governance, risk and compliance is an integrated concept to be incorporated within an enterprise risk framework which helps an organisation, either private or public, for profit or non profit, to direct its strategies and operations with integrity and within the law; the reason being to achieve its goals in such a way that its stakeholders and the economy as a whole are never compromised or put at risk beyond that which has been carefully defined and deemed acceptable.

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