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A Special Love Hate Relationship Between Snowbell and Daisy

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This is an informative and educational book about the appreciation and understanding of animals and their individual characteristics and personalities.

Its about an animated animal dialogue between a cat and a dog who have a love, hate relationship between each other. It is said that a dog is a mans best friend and of course a cat is more self governing and has a different character. Well when the cat. Snowbells best friend Jack the dog passes away and has gone to animal kingdom, Snowbell feels a great loss and very sad, I guess an empty feeling;

- Dedication and Loyalty are families who have lost their best friend the family pet

- Perseverance are families who wanted to have a family pet as a best friend

- Devotion and admiration who are willing to care for their pet and love their best friend

Some passages also relate to the human side of Hate and Love Relationships. Animals such as these two or more personalities. In this book have a rare Love Hate Relationship, they are full of fun and yet at the same time spiteful in their own distinctive animal worlds.

Its a book I hope you will enjoy and keep you amused however/ sometimes there are heartbreaking moments.

The animated animal characteristics in this book are based on factual real incidents but the breed of these animal characters are fabricated and diverse.

The period takes time over two years when two diverse characters

- Snowbell the cat meets Daisy the puppy.

Research has been conducted in learning about the different animals such as cats and dogs, and of course the author has had the opportunity and experience in owning her lovely dedicated dog called Pipa her best friend. I hope you will enjoy the dialogue of all these characters.

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