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A Flame Beyond the Darkness of Pain: A Widow's Wilderness Worship Sound

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In her book A Flame beyond the Darkness of Pain (A Widows Wilderness Worship Sound), Emily bares the innermost part of her soul as she openly and honestly shares her story with her readers. Her testimonies in the book run parallel with Biblical examples.

It is a book of encouragement, teaching and hope but also a warning of the pitfalls that preconceived ideas can make one fall into. Emily places her husband in his rightful place as the head and spiritual leader of the home and the love she has for him runs through her narrative. She effectively does away with stigmas, cultures and traditions which tend to define who we are and points to Christ as the One who defines who we really are.

Emily allows widows to understand that they are not inferior but that God has elevated the widow. He becomes their husband and they no longer keep their eyes fixed on their loss but on their Creator.

This is a must read for everyone, especially for widows who so often struggle to come to terms with the loss of their husbands. It is also a very helpful resource to married couples as they discover the true meaning of marriage and the importance of placing God at the centre of their lives.

Dr Jeff van Wyk
President and Chancellor Team Impact Christian University

24th September 2012

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