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Meap Meap and the Thing

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Sometimes trouble just seems to follow along or so it seemed to Mrs. Meap! She had done nothing to the THING, but it has still attack her and held to her foot!

Then there were the two-legs who seemed to look for trouble. What happened to them just added to the excitement of their life, and Meap Meap learned to be glad of that. The problem was, he hadnt been able to make the THING go away from Mrs. Meap, but the two-legged animal could. That didnt mean, of course, that he now liked or trusted the two-legs, but they could, actually, come in handy sometimes.

This is the thirteenth book of the Twenty Book Series, Wildwood Village Summer Camp, where 25 girls, ages ten to twelve, could spend a summer with each other and the local animals of central Oklahoma.

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