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Aye It's Mie Bravo

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AYE its MIE BRAVO is really and entirely different in concept and theme. I am happy that I have written a special speech in each of the scenes that will really attract the readers at the literary level since they will provide food for their thought and I have provided the souls as the characters that help the central character of my fiction which will really be a thriller to the readers of all ages. Above all my play will really make the transgenders very proud since a character like them was made as the central theme in this fiction. My fiction will attract the readers who belong to male, female and in addition to that the Transgenders because I have created FRED AYE as the ruler of his kingdom Kristals, MAESTRO MIE as the queen of Saffires and YASHA BRAVO as a transgender to rule both Kristals and Saffires.

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