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This Is War: One Sailor’S True Story of Survival in the South Pacific During Wwii

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Arcangelo Sonny Parisi grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, and as the eldest brother of eight siblings, he spent a lot of time protecting his family.

There were plenty of fights with bullies and the Irish police, but he didnt let that stop him from running the streets, stealing food, and seeking out adventure. From an early age, he learned to rely on himself and his Italian-American instincts for survival, which served him well when he was drafted into World War II and sent to the South Pacific.

Told by his granddaughter, this life story of a courageous sailor celebrates Parisis many achievements from surviving the Great Depression as a youth, to marrying the love of his life, serving his country, and later becoming a mechanic. His life story is proof that no matter how big or small the goal, determination achieves results, whether its fixing a car or surviving a war.

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