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A Dancing Way

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Single mum of two girls, Ailidh Morrison is a passionate example of West Coast Womanhood. Born in 1974 she has spent most of her itinerant life on and around the West Coast of Scotland, finally settling in 2008 on the Isle of Eigg. Her poetry is driven by an elemental wildness that strives to combine the archetypal with the everyday. Sometimes playful sometimes melancholic, Ailidhs poetry provides a bridge between the knowledge and the experience of personal relationships and the souls reaction.
She draws through her words an eloquent and moving play of human emotion; liberally allowing the natural and sexual nature of her own personality to illustrate and evoke the mystery of the human condition. Larger than life and a lover of life, her poetry is a conduit to sharing and facilitates an inclusive way of being; both with the Self and with others.
Curly black haired and hazel eyed, she has a tendency to enjoy herself and lives to the absolute maximum, searching out new experiences and challenges. She also makes exceptional soup.

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