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O'malley O'possom

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The animal with the long, hairless tail and the pointed nose knew everything would be all right in the end if he could only find the end. But he was still looking. It must be somewhere here in Wildwood Village, so he would just keep looking and ignoring all the two-legged animals.

A certain pair of two-legged animals seemed to be everywhere that they werent supposed to be, and if there was trouble or danger anywhere, they would find it. Apparently the girls had not found the end, either, where everything was all right. But dont tell the girls. They are having too much fun!

Even the gray animal with the pointed nose and hairless tail had something to teach the girls, although he did not know it at the time.

This is the twelfth book of the Twenty Book Series, Wildwood Village Summer Camp where 25 girls, ages ten to twelve, could spend a summer with each other and the local animals of central Oklahoma.

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