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Visions from Above: My Journey~My Destiny

110 pages51 minutes


First time writer, Amy Jamison, recounts the story of her death experience in nineteen seventy-six from a collapsed lung, resulting from walking pneumonia. This amazing novel, a true story, describes Amys out of body trip to Heaven, where she encounters a dark entity, two angels, three spirits of deceased relatives and Jesus. This story includes her gift of visions of future events, involving immediate, family members. These visions begin in nineteen eighty-one and at first, Amy is not sure what she is supposed to do with the knowledge, as they frighten her. There are visions of her children, insect infestations, death, good and bad spirits, a fire, a disappearance, a stabbing, visits from passing relatives spirits, as well as a message from God, through a visiting minister. It also, includes an unspeakable vision of her daughter and her daughters boyfriend. The elders in heaven test Amy and if she passes it, she will learn the identity of her birth father. This story also, includes a surprise ending, with a vision for Amy.

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