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We Are of Eternal Love: No Maki Ish Sheyetawah

558 pages13 hours


We Are of Eternal Love is an adventure through time and space. Compiling daily channeling over the course of a year, the author shares with us her discovery of experiencing multidimensional, parallel lives. She presents a remarkable and thought-provoking description of three entities, how they are connected, and how they influence each others lives.

This is a living book that the author continues to experience, for as the author discovered, it is in the unlimited flow of the Spirit that resides within us, that has no boundaries, no limitations, no conditions to meet. It simply is, and it flows freely without restrictions. But in order for us to recognize and experience the same, we must put ourselves within that flow to allow it to be so. We must let go of the rock on the river bank, let go of our conditions, and allow ourselves to flow freely down that river of life. In doing so, we will round the corner which is currently out of sight, but which will present us with all that we have ever dreamed.

We are never alone. We are of eternal love.

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