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Until You Rebel…: God Sponsored Rebellion Releasing Rejoicing Rebellion Release Rise to Rule and Reign in Life God Recommended Rewarding Rebellion

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Rebellion is abhorred by rulers and Christians and perhaps, everyone, despite the fact that they are all engaged in it, under different guises. Rebellion is an inevitable route God meant for man to arrive the palace of relevance, recognition and respect. Individual mannerisms might differ but all recognized and relevant individuals who have ever lived are rebels or are engaged in rebellion in one form or the other at different times of their lives. Perhaps, no rebellion, no relevance as rebellion has resounding reward. Joseph became relevant because he did not follow in the traditional heritage of shepherd that the Hebrews were famous for in his generation. Jesus became relevant because He made a marked departure from the traditional Jewish religion as it was known at the time. Find out how you can benefit from God-authored and sponsored rebellion to become and remain relevant in your lifetime. There is something seemingly rebellious God planned that you should do to become relevant inevitably in this life and in the life to come.

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