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The Gospel of Mark—Eternity and Readiness: A Journal by a Layman

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In Marks gospel, numbering a little over sixteen chapters, God shares his message and his plan about eternity through Jesus. As the first gospel writer, Mark describes Jesus sermon on eternity and initiates the discussion of daily life and spirituality and their relationship as dramatized by Jesus. His vocation of readiness meets Gods flowing plan daily and proposes the same readiness for Christians.
In The Gospel of MarkEternity and Readiness, author George Andrew offers a journey through the gospel of Mark and presents a look at this intersection of eternity and readiness. He proposes the lifeblood of faith as the sole root of readiness, and he offers his views and perceptions of the life of Jesus as told through the words of the oldest gospel. Andrewa modern, independent laymantaps into his intuitive side to share his view of God and the spiritual experience.
A New Testament commentary that acts like a walk with Jesus, Andrew shows how Mark allows a life of thought, action, and essence to unfold. It calls believers to a muscular Christianityone that is strong and of today and helps address the spiritual exhaustion, shallowness, and the questioning torpidity of the time.

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