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Emotive Poetry: A Struggle to Perceive

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The True Nackedness of Jeanette

For many years I have struggled with major depression, finding it extremely difficult to concentrate, and also to comprehend my total lack of enthusiasm towards everything.

Throughout these very dark and dreary years I have managed to slowly crawl out of the deep black hole. With enormous encouragement from a wonderful and beautiful man, William, who has inspired me with his healthy critique and wonderful words of wisdom eventuating in this book getting published!

Thus, the contents of Emotive Poetry A Struggle to Perceive, are the reflection upon my own struggle with depression, even to the extent of having moments of regression! I have found solace in writing these poems, as they have uplifted the heart of my soul to the height that I feel today.

The poems are literally my true feelings that are poured into the words, resonating throughout the very core of this book. They are, after all, the cutting edge of who I really am, with a certain nakedness and rawness that are allowing me to expose my true feelings and in assisting me to find myself!

Being at the brink between life and death has been the hardest part of my life. Searching for answers by studying the great masters of psychotherapy, Jung and Freud in particular. Also studying Psychology, still unable to gain any insight into my quest for what I will only term as being my own lacking.

Giving up on this particular quest of continually searching, I have come to the conclusion that there are many questions unanswered, and that a problem is theoretically an unsolved solution!

To those readers of this book, I wish to thank you for taking time to see the true Jeanette, naked as the day I was born, yet lifes ups and down have not left me torn!

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