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Zarketh: Episode 1

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It has been three years since the fall of Sion Terogol, Demi-God of Insanity and Lord of the Converted. The great legend known as Dmitri Sergei Sion has finally found something that he had been yearning for his whole life, true peace. After all the years that he and his allies had been fighting, it seemed that evil was finally defeated. He had been given a chance to live a normal life and be with the woman that he has fallen in love with. However, to Dmitri's fears, he believes that same evil will return; that his home, the One-World, will be threatened by the same man again. While his paranoia haunts his dreams, a greater evil manifests from the very victory that he had achieved. This evil, brought upon by a dark prophecy, seeks to undo everything that the great hero has done, to bring the planet into an Age of Darkness. However, while this evil grows, a great epidemic causes the legend to challenge his own code, the code that he stood by for generations of time. Will be able to do what has to be done, or will he destroy everything that he has fought to preserve?

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