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Antonio A. Burdette Holy Book of Family Values Which a Child Should Know

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This book is about some everyday challenges that we hear about and face throughout the year. Its written in poetry form, with a touch of inspiration thats delivered as only the Holy Spirit could. Its a book that deserves immediate attention. This book is written by an author who has dealt with similar challenges throughout his life. This book would also make a good coffee-table conversational piece. Its a book that any of our grandparents would approve of when it comes to the values in which we were taught. Ive spent years finding the right words to say to a percentage of humanity that is hurting. This manuscript is a guide of encouragement to enhance our parenting skills. Its not meant to be used to point fingers at one another but to motivate. The rhythmic form was very difficult starting out, but I stayed focused. My advice to you is this: apply yourself. This book is to be read on a daily basis to strengthen your family values. I put my all into this manuscript just to say, Enough is enough, its time to parent.

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