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Lotsa Laughs: Funny Side of Everything

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LOTSA LAUGHS is a book of jokes and hilarious observations, which Ben Sheldon had recorded in his note books, over several years. Its a very funny collection of mostly one- or two-liners. Each one of them was original or independently conceived at the time of recording and dating in the authors note books.

References to real known personalities are not necessarily true, but is done in parody, within protected free speech on satire.

There are seven sections to the book, labeled Chapters, in the Index. Each chapter is aimed at the reader who would enjoy predominantly that kind of humor. For instance, one may laugh at the unique observations in politics, but pass on to another friend or family member some funny aspects of different faiths or innocent, lighthearted takeoffs on ethnicity. A prudish reader may want to save the chapter on bedroom humor for an unblushing neighbor. In any case, said bedroom chapter is written in good taste, with no pornography.

The eclectic, broad-minded reader will, of course, enjoy all the levels of humor in this unique joke book, Lotsa Laughs.

For those who love the creative use of words in different unexpected contexts, there is a chapter on Tongue Twisters. Another chapter is about Fun with Words.

All the humor in Lotsa Laughs is innocent and harmless fun at ourselves and our social, political and religious mores. It is meant to laugh WITH and NOT AT the subjects of humor.

Lotsa Laughs would also make a good reference book for speakers seeking an attention-getting funny opening remark for their speech. A future Henny Youngman may find the one-liners in Lotsa Laughs a good fit for their training manual.

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