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Aging Aggressively:: How to Avoid the Us Health-Care Crisis

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Take charge of your health! If you are an aging individual in the United States, its crucial to understand present health-care policies and doctorpatient relations so you can aggressively demand the best care. Once you know the ins and outs, youll feel secure and enjoy the aging process.
The first step is to acknowledge two important facts:
1. As a member of the elderly population in the United States, you are part of a significant numerical force in society.
2. You canand shouldbe certain that your voice is heard in every aspect of social and medical planning.
Aging Aggressively also offers advice on personal health practices, including valuable resources to help you successfully manage your health.
Youre not dead yet! Take the bull by the horns and demand the best care for yourself so that you can liveand agewell.

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