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His Father’S Son: Book I – He Wore a Clerical Collar

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In researching the early life of my maternal grandfather, Julius Ludwig Frederick Becker, Jr., I learned of people and events from the prior generation that I felt had to be incorporated into the book. The story line had to be revised. The result is evident in the books title, His Fathers Son. What I also learned was that my maternal great-grandfather was an influential figure throughout my grandfathers life.

It was evident that this biographical endeavor was too much for a single volume; hence, a trilogy. This first volume is subtitled, Part 1 He Wore A Clerical Collar.

The second volume (in preparation) is subtitled, Part 2 He Wore A Khaki Collar. It features his life as a rancher in Inyo County, CA, the area of his first parish assignment and the home of the young woman who became his wife. The third volume will be subtitled Part 3 He Wears A White Collar. This volume will review life throughout his third career in Southern California.

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