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Microscopy of Astrology: (Astrology Simplified)

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Astrology has stood the test of times ever since it revealed the mystery and the mastery of the ancient wisdom of forecasting the influence of the stars on human bodies.

A thought of penning down the wonders of the mystic science of Astrology has lured the astrologer to bring it to the knowledge of the millions of readers who have been striving hard to get the Real Knowledge, and to know about themselves, in detail of their Zodiac Signs.

The time in which they have been born, refers to their Charactertics; Appearance; Personality; Profession, Career; Business, Finances, their Matching with other Zodiac signs; Romance, Marriage, Weakness and finally their Health and Disease..Endeavoring the placement of the planetary position in ones chart at the time of birth has enlightened the author to impact this interesting subject into a manuscript.

The knowledge gathered through this book will be a moral booster to each and every one that ones life is pre-destined and is gathered to move in the direction where the planets are positioned. and that their movement carry specific influence on their lives.This book will definitely be an asset in ascertaining the real facts of life and the destiny as to what is stored for them in future.

Various chapters have been covered and maximum emphasis have been paid to cover the Subjects pertaining to the Significance of Different Houses in One's chart; Different Zodiac Signs, Planets and their placements in different houses and signs. Affliction of planets with the interpretation of the major period and the meaning of the Birth Constellation Star. The influence of Gems and Stones in ones life, the Remedial Measures of the planets with the Compatibility of the individual zodiac signs with the other signs and the effect of various planets on them.
It is hoped that this book would work and guide the readers to achieve their personal goals with ease and would assist them to over come all the Problems,Crises,Speed Breakers and the Unforeseen Negatives Forces, in their lives and not to get disheartend or depressed in their lives.

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