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The Djibouti Gateway

458 pages


The sequel to the thrilling "Bam Memorandum" follows the notorious terrorist, Ibrahim, a top level planner for al Qaeda, as he resurrects his plan for a global attack on the Western world. He is aided in his campaign by an unwitting group of wealthy Americans, planning to overthrow the Administration of the United States, but unaware that their leader is a Russian agent, determined to aid Moscow to return to the glory days of the Soviet Union.

Pitted against these zealots are the embattled and overstretched security forces of the United States and Great Britain who, however, have one ace up their sleeve, a special agent who has been infiltrated into the very heart of the al Qaeda organization. Together, they find themselves in a race against time to discover the extent and nature of the attack they face, and to kill Ibrahim before he can bring his apocalyptic plan to fruition.

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