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Poetic License: 'A Divine Right to Write' / Poems and Epigrams

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R.J. has arrived once again at a new plateau in her writing. To some extent the collection of poems here are not entirely relative to one another. Ideas and concepts seemingly present themselves from out of the blue or subjects that are fantastical, bent and in some tiny respect imbalanced, conveying to the reader balance it if you may through reading and digesting the subject matter, to your own liking. It is not meant to offend or suggest absurdity by way of forcing the reader to inquire,Just whose eyes are we viewing this material through? Clearly it requires the reader to look further in depth at the writing, and if you please, you may take phrases in and out of context merely because propaganda is being put into play. Shall we say, Whats in a word? ;May be a good way to approach this material, since it may have the tendency to lead the reader forward or try to leave the reader behind, as though the concepts are being chased into consideration or view, forcing itself to be acknowledged, yet briskly passes through to yet another semblance of meaning. In preparation for this reading material we should keep the story teller point of view in mind and that it wishes to convey poem/story, yet rhyme is always going to pull the works back to a central under lying theme, that its only poetry. A poem to read and enjoy. You may sense that during the writing of this work, much turbulence were occurring in the poets own life time. Publishing this work is truly an accomplishment in that sense, because it truly does represent a new age, almost like a slap in the face, as an unforeseen wake-up call! But, at any given rate faites a complet.

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