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Your Assumptions:: How They Control Your Life & What to Do About Them

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Victor Bogart is one stubborn critter. Not only has he managed to survive into his eightieth year in excellent health and spirits, he persists in writing books that bring fresh ideas, new ways of looking at everyday human behavior, and self-helpful suggestions for how each of us can improve our lives. Your Assumptions is such a book. It is also one of two published works* and two more in process that trace their origins to the early 1960s and their rich content to Vics professional life as psychotherapist and teacher.
As for professional credentials, Vic is entitled to the honorific, Doctor, by virtue of a Ph.D. in Counseling and Gerontology (Oregon State University, 1985at age 64!), and holds Masters degrees in Social Work (University of Washington, 1966) and Journalism (University of California at Berkeley, 1962). His years of active engagement as journalist, psychotherapist, teacher, and author of non-fiction self-help books add up to half a century and counting. But it is the melding of ALL the varied experiences of his life, together with his optimism, humor and wisdom that he freely shares with us in his writing.

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