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America's Resurrection: A Modern-Day Prophecy

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God has Begun to Judge America

All your fears of what will soon occur are spelled out. Americas Resurrection ties together everything youve been feeling and wondering concerning the immediate future of America. God is sending His prophet with a message to America.

A lying senate, wicked presidents, greedy wealthy corporations, modern day idolatry, cheating businessmen, corruption at all levels of government, immorality being the order of the day, selfishness, liars, deceivers, murder, theft in all areas, hatred, divorce, worship of money, manipulating the economy, national debt, drug abuse, watered down churches, abortions, sexual perversion. All this wickedness and more are the reasons God has begun to pour out His judgments upon America.

God has begun to send judgments of drought, economic bankruptcy, famine, diseases, riots, roaming gangs, burning cities, death, destruction, violent wind storms, super-heated temperatures and much more.

But the prophesy doesnt end with disaster. Americas Resurrection is a prophesy of hope and life. This prophesy is to those who choose to survive the coming judgments. God always sends a prophet with a plan of escape for those who do not partake of the gore of any nation. How will God establish a new America?

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