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Love Finds a Way: A Romantic Novel

228 pages3 hours


George and Lisa have been married for six years, and all is not well. Once a loving couple they now find themselves in a bitter and hostile relationship. In an effort to repair their disintegrating marriage they travel to Greece, where an earlier civilization first celebrated the wonders and delights of romantic love. Upon arriving in Athens they are shocked to discover the year is 430 BC.

This is the story of a modern couples adventures among the gods and mortals of ancient Greece. Their sponsor is Aphrodite, goddess of love, who aims to restore their badly damaged relationship. They receive advice from the Delphic Oracle, as well as from ancient intellectuals, including Aesop, Pythagoras, and the wisest mortal of all, Socrates, who advises them that Love Finds a Way. Our intrepid couple face endless dangers as they confront vengeful gods, escape the perilous underworld, and match wits with half the Spartan army in order to survive.

In a narrative filled with adventure, romance, and humor George and Lisa search for a way back to the twenty-first century and a more promising future.

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