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A Fistful of Pearls: Gems for Christian Living

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Am I the only one who sometimes thinks that the Christian faith is just way too complicated? Is it just me, or do you sometimes think that what, at first seemed so amazingly good and easy, now suddenly seems inexplicably difficult. Especially the longer you go along the road of Christianity! It seems to start off really simplysitting at the cross, accepting the fact that Jesus loved me and died for me, and just coming to himjust as I amlike that is all that matters. In fact, if like me you searched a long time for the truththe simplicity is almost too good to be true. You get told that the amazing thing about grace is that it is free and anybody can receive itregardless. And you come to Christ in awe and wonder, and you thinkwow! I didnt imagine it would be this easy. God loves me, enough to die for meand that is pretty much it! All I have to do is believe and accept that love, and thats it. Wow! Simple.

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