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A Guide to Survival, It’S Called Revival!: When Great Tribulation Hits Your World

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REVISED EDITION of A Guide To Survival, Its Called Revival! is an in-depth revelatory textbook on Christianity. It is one of a kind!

It can be used privately or as the ultimate Bible Study offering guidance to those who never knew Father Gods love and bring healing into hearts and souls. For those who have been believers for years, it will give greater revelational knowledge of Him, and can take you into a ministry of intercession, using Gods noncarnal ways. This manual teaches Gods ways on how to bring emotional balance through His elementary foundational principles of Christianity, guiding step-by-step how to use these to overcome the enemy. Scenarios are given on how to apply these principles bringing an end to emotional swings. More revelation explains five of the copy and shadow layers of heaven on earth that God laid from the very beginning of time to the very end of time. Christianity is shown as three of those primary layers. REVISED EDITION lays out the blueprint of heaven with the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God within giving enlightenment to what it takes to enter into the greater one, as it has a requirement for entry as well. Which one will you live in for eternity? This book also offers a thorough meaning of being Born Again and its importance; and also offers a time for ones own baptism in the Holy Spirit, with explanation of the gifts of the Spirit and how to use them. Whether you are experiencing tough times or good ones, A Guide to Survival, It's Called Revival! can help you get back on your feet and establish emotional stability. If you are ready for a closer walk with God and need some practical help to get you there, you came to the right place. This spiritual toolkit provides

hope and encouragement for times of trouble; ways to get to know God and His love for you and develop a personal relationship with Him; a step-by-step path to receiving your destiny blessings God has ordained for you; ways to use your gifts effectively for the betterment of yourself and others.

Beyond survival, once you have worked through this guidebook in your own life, you will then be ready to help others in receiving their own healings and designed destinies. This revival guide can be used as a powerful Bible study, resource for individual development, ministry aid, or thorough evangelizing tool.

Patricia has uniquely compiled some critical biblical survival tools that will compel you to action. This awesome book is a revival journey and a road map to great depth and understanding of the Word of God for the whole person. This book is a necessity if you are a frontline servant looking for practical, useful equipping! I highly recommend it for every Christian as an essential resource tool to add to your personal library. Nancy L. Haney, president and founder of Point to Hope Ministries

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