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Clipper and Snip

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Someone had once referred to these two-legged animals as Songbird and Lame Duck. Lame Duck had come to camp with a plaster cast on her foot, but in the last two weeks of camp, Songbird joined her with a cast of her own! The girls shared a pair of crutches, and a lot of good memories, besides.

The Oklahoma State Bird, the beautiful scissortail flycatcher, gave the two music-loving girls a wonderful idea and an interesting project. Could a piano and a flute to be made to copy the trills and calls of the many birds of Wildwood Village? Maybe not, but these two talented girls were determined to try and they had only two weeks to do it. Unless they figured a way to be together later maybe..

This is the sixteenth book of the Twenty Book Series, Wildwood Village Summer Camp, where 25 girls, ages ten to twelve, could spend a summer with each other and the local animals of central Oklahoma.

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