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2037: Unchanging America—Revolution 2

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In 2037, the world has devolved into chaos, paranoia, and tyranny. People now live under the chilling consequences of governmental intervention that has strangled human emotion. The resulting behavior of a suppressed population is distrust and chaos, widespread disorder, and rebellion and revolution. Never-ending conflict and human exploitation are the new norm, the consequences of a political system that robs citizens of their freedom and liberty.

Charlie, desperate to make his friends and family understand the horrific realities that allowed this state to thrive, connects one end of a Thought Analyzer to his temple. In doing so, he allows them to learn the happenings of his prior lifethe burning of Boston, the violent march to Washington, D.C., the occupation of the United States Capitol, the flight from D.C., the need to go underground, and the fateful meeting with Ben and Jamie, two leaders who intend to march on D.C. with their newly formed armies. Ben, a general, convinces Charlie to join his army and makes him a colonel. Once inside Bens brutal world, Charlie witnesses his leaders cold-blooded nature and the ferocious and barbaric fighting abilities he has cultivated from the persona of Jamie Paige.

Can the citizenry reclaim their society from brutal oppression, or must they find a way another way to survive?

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