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Genesis and the Rahab Conspiracy

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The book that you are holding is not intended to be prophetic, but will
expose the nature of an approaching delusion that was prophesied
about 2000 years ago. The delusion itself will be of such power that
it will affect all mankind, and will quite likely be the catalyst that
will unite the different faiths to a greater or lesser degree.
This book will answer some difficult questions, and explain how a
very timely biblical Truth has been subtly hidden over the years,
which will result in causing great confusion for many Christians of
all denominations, in perhaps the not too distant future.
If what I am presenting in these pages is correct then this is a book
that needs to be read by every Christian. If I am wrong then I expect
to spend the rest of my life with egg on my face.
However, the conviction that I have had, that has caused me to write
this in the first place, is deep enough for me to take that chance.

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