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Four years of hiding had weakened the great legend known as Dmitri Sergei Sion. The evil that he feared had come forth to consume his world, and while he was prepared to face it, something else had broken his spirit. Every day he wonders, every day he recalls his memories of love and loss. Unable to live up to his code, he has given up his right to fight. Now he sits and waits, believing that he has failed his purpose. However, within the darkness of his new home, the Patriarch has become unaware of the changing world. He was certain that he only had his two friends, Ryhn and Calcutta, to rely on. While the two had hoped for his return, they knew the steps that they had to take to ensure that they would survive. However, they realized that in order to achieve victory, they needed their leader back. Even if Dmitri returned though, could he continue his conquest and face his love again?

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