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Honey from the Rock: A Study of the Gospel of Grace

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Focusing on Gods love for his people, Honey from the Rock is author Pastor Mac Goddards method to present the message of the good news of Jesus in a straightforward, understandable way.

Goddard maintains that, left to himself, man will never believe the Gospel message; it is simply too farfetched. From the story of creation, the manifestation of Adam and Eve, the birth of Jesus Christ to a virgin, Jesus work on Earth, and his death and resurrection, Goddard shares his perspective of the Gospel. With study questions at the end of each chapter, Honey from the Rock provides a unique insight and understanding of many facets of the Gospelfrom Gods treatment of our sins to the covenants of law and grace.

Goddard teaches that if we walk in Jesus ways, trusting in him and in him alone, he will not only feed us with the finest of wheat but on the other side of that extremely difficult place created by the old covenant of law, he will nourish us with the sweetest of honeyhoney from the rock.

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