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The Final Conflict

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About the Author

Deborah grew up the youngest of three children, in Stamford, CT. After graduating high school she attended Central Connecticut State University, where she received a BA Degree, and a year later married her college sweetheart.
Her love of creating and exploring made her passionate about working in the arts and graphic field; she also later created her own designer accessories line Debbie Dew Collectables . Still feeling a void in her life she accepted salvation in May of 1991, and she began to immediately work faithfully in the Wayfaring Ministries Inc. under the leadership of the now Apostle/Bishop Eugene Brunson, Senior Pastor and Lady Diane Brunson, Pastor.

The writer was birthed in a time period of her life when she began to struggle with life issues. Through a series of events and a lot of her own disobedience she has had to suffer staggering setbacks, which made her re-evaluate her works and rebuild her relationship with God.

God is now shifting her from a ministry of helps into a ministry of healing. Through writing she has been able to share with others the grueling yet necessary process she has had to go through in becoming the woman God has been showing her existed from the beginning. Commissioning her to speak out through her own pain, overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and by the words of her awesome testimony, to reach other wounded warriors in the body of Christ. To help others reach past the camouflage of the norm making Isaiah 61 a reality. She is a daughter, wife, mother, entrepreneur, teacher and psalmist, but most important of all a servant of God.

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