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Guardians of the Amulet: Darkness

218 pages2 hours


Sable Morovsky made a mistake by letting her ambition run away with her while turning a blind eye to her deadliest foe. In her world, who is a friend? Who is an enemy?

Nyx didnt do anything wrong. But at the same time she committed a sin. The Raven awakened her, and it destroyed her and her sanity. Can her descendants stop it?

Angelique was a placeholdera pawn. But she was cunning and had a role to play, even if it was just as a guide. Dont overlook this petite French magician. It might just be the last thing that you do

Three women share an interwoven destiny. Spanning three eras and encompassing two worlds, they are brought together by a secret, a prophecy and an enemy as old as time.

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