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Burn California Burn!!!: …This One I’Ll Start

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"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth"

Among so many, a woman patient, after a comprehensive history and lab, Ultrasound, CT Scan, and Cancer markers, revealed that together with this journey with her we found out a very conclusive evidence that she does have cancer. With very heavy hearts we accepted, we shall cope, and we will do what we're supposed to do. We started with referrals on education on cancer patho-physiology ( causes and evolution), progression and spread (metastasis), principles of treatments, its rationale, the treatments itself and options, community support, referrals to local oncologists (cancer specialists) and cancer centers in Texas, UCLA, MT. Sinai, and other highly refutable ones, with possible exception of Sloan-Kettering where they give their referring colleague a run-around and then put them on file and forgotten!

And the all too familiar plea: Doctor, is there anything else we can do other than what we are doing on my cancer!!
My cancer, WILDFIRE !!

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