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Gladiator Leaders: Don't Drink the Laced Drink

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A. K. Hasan defies the senseless belief that aspiring leaders must go along to get along. The premise that aspiring leaders must join the herd is a ridiculous one to employ.
Hasan says, It is the belief in the herd mentality that has stymied and undermined the development of strong leadership in our country and the world. He then asks, How far do you expect to advance in life by sacrificing you beliefs, ideals, and principles to conform to those of an individual or group?
If you are an aspiring leader of your life, your business, in education, or in politics, Gladiator Leaders: Dont Drink the Laced Drink is a must-read for you.
There is an ongoing argument that leaders are born not made. Hasan believes that leaders are both born and made. Individuals properly trained can be above-average and even great leaders.
However, internal motivation and personal commitment to some ideals and principles are necessary for both groups of aspiring leaders. As the saying goes, If you dont stand for something, you will fall for anything.
Standing for something often requires sacrifice and courage. Gladiator Leaders: Dont Drink the Laced Drink will inspire you and sharpen your leadership skills. This will enable you to measure your commitment to personal achievement and inspire you to be courageous.
I hope you enjoy reading my book.
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