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Under Different Skies: The Life of a Wandering Geologist

328 pages6 hours


Under Different Skies takes the reader to several countries in Africa and the Middle East during the 1950s and 60s at a time when many changes were happening. World War Two had caused a huge awakening in this region. All-terrain vehicles and transistor radios were changing the expectations of people in many countries and revolution was always in the air. The book gives a glimpse of conditions in these countries as they were then, and how geological exploration parties had to cope with them.

We are given a brief glimpse of Rons early life in New Zealand, then the book becomes a compilation of fascinating anecdotes, presented chronologically, that trace the adventures, encounters and experiences that shaped his life. In working as an exploration geologist one is never far from the world of animals and they too feature strongly in his stories.

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