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Shaking the Dust: Stepping from Darkness into Light

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God works in your life in a powerful way each day. Sometimes you are aware of His hand and sometimes you are not mindful of how He is acting on your behalf. Shaking the Dust: Stepping from Darkness into Light looks into the circumstances and environments that God continues to use in your life to teach and draw you closer to His side. When circumstances and life events shake you to your core, it is empowering to know that Jesus Christ will meet you in the dust of your shattered life. Through His mercy, grace, and love He will move you from darkness into His glorious light. You will learn to trust and seek Him moment by moment, and your life will be defined by Him, not by the influences of this world. Shaking the Dust: Stepping from Darkness into Light is a book that will be an ongoing tool in Gods hand to encourage a vibrant relationship with your Heavenly Father. It is deeply meaningful, makes scripture easier to understand, and reminds you of why your commitment to Jesus Christ is the most important decision you have made in your life. Come embrace your journey and learn from the Bible about what defines your life in Jesus Christ.

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